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Fly Me To You &

Travel Companion

Fly Me To You Date

Due to my many responsibilities in Las Vegas, I require 2 months notice or more for a fly me to you date. 

Is a trip to Las Vegas just not in the cards for you? Would you still like to meet this amazing, naughty pin up? Would a secret tryst in your home city, or elsewhere, make your world a little brighter? 

If you answered yes, then let’s arrange a “Fly Me To You” date.  

What’s a “Fly Me To You” Date? 

It’s exactly as it sounds.  With proper screening, I am happy to come directly to your city / town to meet. I find that usually a 4-hour minimum meeting is best, longer is ever better, but any of my time packages are available. I would need 7-days’ notice, or more for a

“Fly Me To You” date.  And I do require a recent ref from an established provider, unless we have met before


What’s does this “Fly Me To You” option cost?

My rate is the same for my time, however; you will need to pay for my business class airfare and hotel. I am worth every travel mile, minute and expense.  

Please fill out my appointment form via my contact page to start this wonderful, debauchery experience  I highly look forward to flying to you.






Looking for a travel companion? 


Due to my many responsibilities in Las Vegas, I require 2 months notice or more for this option.


Perhaps a travel companion is more of what you are seeking. One of the things I truly adore, after my dogs, is traveling the world. So if you are you seeking a travel companion to share worldwide, life experiences with, then you and I should talk about adventure.


To quench this wanderlust, I am happy, and open, to working out a plan that works for both of us so we can enjoy our time traveling and each other.    


I am open to travel in the US and Internationally. My favorite places tend to be tropical, lush places with beaches and clear blue water, but I would like to see the entire world.

I have been to 11 countries so far and looking forward to exploring more.       


You would have to cover all my travel and hotel expenses


For this travel adventure I would need at least a month’s notice or more. To start our journey, proper screening will be needed. See my appointment form via my contact page. 


My favorite places to date, Bali, Belize, Costa Rica, & Italy

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